Assessment & Training

• Evaluation and testing for adults and students
• Corporate and nonprofit assessment and training
• Professional training and student internships
• Pre-clinical-trial medical screening

Assessment & Training

Evaluation and Testing for Adults and Children

Quietmind Foundation staff provide comprehensive neurophysiological and neuropsychological evaluations and testing for adults, children, and students. We are able to diagnose disabilities and determine ability baselines for peak performance training and to enhance learning. Testing results are used to establish, monitor and achieve goals for a client’s customized neurofeedback training.


Corporate and Nonprofit Assessment

Quietmind Foundation provides organizational development to public and private sector clients. As part of our consulting work for business and nonprofit cultures, we incorporate an array of sophisticated assessments. The QMF approach combines, where indicated, extensive neuropsychological and neurophysiological assessments, in-depth interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and direct observation. We focus on individual and organizational verbal and nonverbal communication skills to produce empowering and solution-oriented results.

Our customized webinars, video productions, and on-site training are designed to enrich, accelerate, and optimize individual and team development and performance.


In-Home/In-Office Neurofeedback Training

We train clients to conduct neurofeedback and cognitive performance training in their homes or workplaces, or to integrate these tools into their direct service delivery or staff development programming.

Examples include: clients living too far away to regularly travel to our Plymouth Meeting, PA, office; providers who want to offer neurofeedback to clients in a mental health setting; and partners in a law office looking to enhance attorneys’ analytic thinking, processing speed, and mental stamina.


Professional and Postgraduate Training, Undergraduate Internships

QMF provides practicums for professional and postgraduate training as well as undergraduate internships.


Health care professionals interested in adding neurofeedback and related therapies to their patient services can train with our experienced practitioners. For example, we have developed courses for clinical and school psychologists that prepare them to provide and supervise the delivery of neurofeedback services.


Postgraduate students come to us for field research and supervision to complete graduate  degree requirements for theses and doctoral dissertations. Undergraduate students have written research papers and satisfied course requirements as a result of their experiences with QMF. All have had the ongoing opportunity and responsibility for sharing in much of the fundamental, day-in and day-out legwork necessary to maintain administrative and research projects.


Postgraduate and undergraduate students alike have helped with researching and writing grant proposals, quantifying and verifying research project data, maintaining our library and contacts, and researching speaking opportunities and subject referral networks. Interns receive hands-on experience in the day-to-day running of an active nonprofit research foundation and clinical practice that employs the latest in neurofeedback and related, drug-free, cutting-edge technology. They can sit in on weekly marketing meetings to help shape our marketing and advertising process. They may answer phones, file records, and schedule appointments.

How to join the QMF team.


BCIA Certification

Training provided at Quietmind Foundation qualifies for certification in EEG biofeedback from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).


Medical screening

For clients looking to participate in one of the Foundation’s clinical trials, our Medical Director provides pre-trial medical screening to identify exclusion factors and verify eligibility. We also rely on reports generated by a client’s treating physicians and a network of health care providers, locally and nationally.