I am a retired professional athlete from the NFL and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Berman since October of 2013. I sought treatment for many residual effects from my professional football career, the most noticeable symptoms were headaches, long distance vision, and loss of short term memory. I experienced multiple concussions while playing football throughout my career especially as a professional athlete. When I first began neurofeedback training, I did not know what to expect and was skeptical because of the noninvasive approach to retraining my brain to function effectively. After just five months I have found improvement in my memory, long distance color distinction and also improvement in my speech patterns. I do not suffer with headaches, I no longer struggle to complete sentences because I could not “find the right word” and I am able to remember tasks better than before neurofeeback training. I will continue working with Dr. Berman and Quietmind Foundation to improve my brain functioning and overall improvement in my mental health. Tim Massaquoi

My son Chris began seeing Dr.Berman for neurofeedback about a year and a half ago. He was 17 had been suffering for a year from Chronic Daily Headache with migraine and had a level 10 on the pain scale all day and all night. We had been through multiple neurologists and been prescribed many drugs, none of which worked. He wasn't sleeping due to constant pain and was extremely depressed. He had to drop out of an advanced school curriculum and finally out of high school altogether.

When we found Dr. Berman it was amazing. Using the QEEG study and some coordination testing he was able to determine that Chris suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury.  Chris began neurofeedback and we gradually began to notice small changes in his stamina,his sleep patterns,his mood and finally his pain! Chris was able to get his drivers license, pass his GED with honors and do very well on his SATs . HE IS NOW PAIN FREE and headed for college in the fall with plans to study neuroscience!  All that probably would not have happened without the knowledge, caring attitude and neurofeedback skills of Dr.Berman. Thank you Dr.Berman for giving my son his life back.
Beth L. , mother of patient

"The changes we have seen in our son are nothing short of amazing.  He has severe PTSD, and was highly dissociative. He started NFB in July 2013, and by August, he was beginning to articulate the trauma, i.e., what happened. Since then, he has been able to describe his history, as to events, persons, and place. His dissociation is reduced by about 80%. He is processing the trauma.  He is sadder, his affect is much more subdued. The silliness, character-acting, perseverative behaviors are largely eliminated. Just the other day, we noticed that he didn't "character-act" much at all any more. We had always said he would end up an actor. Now that he is integrating his trauma, he doesn't need to act. It is such a beautiful thing to behold.  He is becoming himself, his true self." - Mary B.

"During my service in the U.S. Army, I sustained multiple concussions and have since been diagnosed with PTSD. After neurofeedback, I have noticed improved mental abilities and fewer symptoms. What I like most is that the process is drug-free and easy to self-administer. Thank you!" -- Howard H., Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army
“My son began seeing Dr. Berman for neurofeedback when he was 14 years old because he was unable to focus at school, his grades were falling, he was not relating well to his peers, and he was lost in his own thoughts. My gut feeling as his mother is that neurofeedback has played a large part in helping him to become the boy that he was meant to be. He has been able to reconnect with himself and others and talk more directly, and his memory and attention significantly improved along with his sense of humor. I would recommend neurofeedback for any person who is having difficulties with brain functions. I started as a skeptic and have been converted into a believer.”  -- Maxine B.,  psychologist mother of a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome 
“I feel I have more hope now.”  -- Robert D., a 62-year-old carpenter/electrician with depression 
“I feel better than I have in two years. Breathing, thinking, walking, feeling … all are improved.”   -- Edward S., age 56, a retired executive with Parkinson’s disease 
“He is making jokes again for the first time in three years and participating more in conversations.”   -- Wife’s remark about her 67-year-old husband Tony H., who has dementia 
“He’s happier. His memory has improved, and he’s doing better in school, remembering assignments, getting better grades. He used to avoid eye contact, but that has improved. His sense of humor, has picked up, and he’s getting along better with his classmates.”   -- Mom’s observations of her son, Alex T., age 16, who has autism spectrum disorder 
“I’m taking on bigger projects and feeling more confident that I am successful.”   -- Corporate CEO Glenn C., age 51, after peak-performance training 
“She’s more focused, less anxious and distracted, more mature. I see her getting along with her friends more easily.”   -- Troy G., father of 16-year-old recovering from traumatic head injury
“My handwriting is legible for the first time in years.”   -- Steve E., age 57, a judge working to overcome focal dystonia 
“My wife is not crying and sad and worrying every day anymore. Her outlook is more positive. She was able to be away from home and enjoy our family vacation.”   -- Retired Amy officer Ray F., speaking about his dementia-limited wife 
“I find I’m sleeping better and taking less medication for anxiety. In fact, I have very little anxiety and am feeling more confident in my job.”   -- John F., a physician, age 58, with long-term anxiety 
“Wow! I pitched the best season of my life after neurofeedback!”   -- Andrew P., a 13-year-old student/athlete with obsessive-compulsive disorder 
“My pain is diminished, and I’m feeling better able to cope with stress. This was a great experience.”   -- Janine M., age 64, a retired division president with chronic pain from a traumatic brain injury 
“He’s doing much better. He has far fewer OCD symptoms at home and at school. He’s a happier boy.”   -- Mom, owner of a marketing company, speaking of her young son, Aaron H. 
“Neurofeedback has played a large part in helping our son to become the boy that he was meant to be. I would recommend neurofeedback for any person who is having difficulties with brain functions. I started as a skeptic, and have been converted into a believer.”  -- Susan L., mother of a middle-schooler

One woman’s recovery
“After a severe traumatic brain injury and then PTSD, I was not sure I’d ever be able to do anything again. But Dr. Berman changed all that. I took my first nondizzy steps in his office. He taught me to breath my way through the flashbacks and dizzy spells I had been experiencing. In his office, I gently jumped without falling for the first time since being injured. I began focusing and concentrating, which I couldn't do before his help. I began functioning again and living again.
“Other doctors I consulted -- more than 22 -- talked about stabilizing me and treating my symptoms, but I found that I wanted to get better, not just be taking care of symptoms. Once I began biofeedback, I noticed that I was getting better. It is an overwhelming feeling to be getting better now when other doctors told me that I was looking at 10, 20, or more years to do so -- if i ever would -- and now within a relatively short period of time, I am healing.
“The treatments give me a lot of happiness and have lessened the depression that came of frustration. And I have been at the brink of happy tears at the experience of learning to talk again, seeing the differences in the vibrant colors around me, and being aware of my hands and feet for the first time.
“Focus and speech were among the improvements that happened very quickly. With biofeedback, I’m retraining my brain in a fun, simple, painless way, a few minutes at a time and without extra medications, and I’m getting better -- that’s amazing.

“The infrared light treatments have been equally exciting. In the middle of the very first treatment I was able to see colors vibrantly again. My senses began coming back to life. I was even able to feel my hands, which I was not able to do before. I have some recognition of my legs and feet and now am aware that they are there.

“Dr. Berman taught me simple exercises and techniques that have improved my balance and mobility, and my walking has improved. Now I can breathe easier -- much easier -- and my skin color is noticeably better. My fingers were bluish, but now they are healthy looking.
“I have more energy. I sleep better, thanks to the weighted blanket and the heated bean bag. My eating, too, has improved. I can now eat twice a day or lots of small snacks -- a big improvement from before treatments.
“I can't thank Dr Berman enough for his knowledge of the brain, his comfortable calming environment, his willingness to spend time talking with me about what I am experiencing, his desire to help me, and his ability to use all of it to get me better. I thank him for helping me get back a piece of me that I have been missing, for helping me get my life back.

I love getting better!”   -- Stacey V., 38-year-old high school teacher