Neurofeedback - Quietmind and Vielight Inc

New Horizons

Vielight Inc and the Quietmind Foundation are currently in partnership to further research on the neurofeedback applications and benefits of transcranial and intranasal photobiomodulation (or low level NIR stimulation therapy).


The Quietmind Foundation provides neurofeedback technical expertise while Vielight Inc supplies NIR stimulation devices in the hopes of improving knowledge within the field of neurofeedback in relation to mental cognition together. 

QMF and Vielight are presenting at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research Conference in Orlando FL at the Grand Hyatt on 9/21-25. We will be presenting a one-hour workshop on the integration of neurofeedback and near infrared light stimulation in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. 



Clinical Trial Participants


If you are registered to participate in one of the our upcoming clinical trials, use the coupon code "vieneurofeedback" to qualify for a 10% discount Vielight's online store for LED neurostimulation devices - Link

Or contact Dr. Berman to find out more information.



About Vielight Inc

Vielight Inc is a Canadian-based company that engineers and manufactures next-generation portable transcranial and patented intranasal photobiomodulation devices.



First-generation NIR light therapy helmet


A first-generation NIR light therapy helmet, as featured on CBS News - Link 


Experimentation example

A video example of a short experiment done together during the ISNR 2015 conference.