Alzheimer's Disease is Preventable

By Dr. Mercola

Alzheimer's Disease is Preventable

Combining Neurofeedback and 1072nm IR Stimulation

We are now working with a woman (J) in her late 50s, who worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, who developed early onset dementia about 4 years ago. She came for regular neurofeedback and made some progress and went from stiff and having trouble locating objects in space, being flat and unresponsive to getting more open and expressive.

UCSF Virtual Reality Neurofeedback Lab Makes Network News

We are seeing the coming of neurofeedback training into the public arena with the opening of a lab for virtual reality and neurofeedback research that is supported by the online gaming industry.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation at Quietmind Foundation

Evidence is mounting for the value and safety of this approach to improving brain functioning. QMF in its efforts to stay at the forefront of the neuromodulation field is offering TDCS treatment as part of its new Neurotherapeutics program. Dr.

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