Near Infrared for TBI Treatment

The Harvard TBI study outlined by William Meehan MD the principal study investigator. 

The Integration of LORETA Neurofeedback and Transcranial Near Infrared Stimulation

This brief video from the recent ISNR (international Society for Neurofeedback Research) shows how the stimulation of brain activity is being combined with the retraining of brain connectivity to improve overall cognitive functioning.

Treating Alzheimer's with Ultrasound Therapy

Researchers in Queensland Australia have treated mice with ultrasound therapy and demonstrated a reduction in beta amyloid plaque in the brain that corresponded with improved memory functioning in the treated mice compared with untreated controls. 


The Birth of the Neuro Counselor

Neurotechnology and counseling are finally coming together as clinicians find their way to integrating brainwave and other physiological monitoring with awareness of our inner state of being in the present.


Quietmind West is Coming to Fruition

We are happy that a relationship is being developed with Kerlan-Jobe's Sports Neurological Institute in Los Angeles, CA. We'll be working with Michael Mark, Psy.D. there on developing a state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation program. 

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