Near Infrared Light Therapy Q&A with Thomas Burke, PhD


This 23min interview with Dr Burke offers a very clear and concise overview of the underlying mechanism of action for NIR therapy and its value as a therapy for TBI, PTSD, dementia, chronic pain and other disorders.

Neurofeedback's Role in Healing Lyme Disease: Personal Account

we regularly see improvement when folks with Lyme disease engage in neurofeedback training along with near infrared light therapy. Our sense is that the NIR kills the viruses and bacteria that are causing the brain to lose energy and perform less efficiently and the neurofeedback helps to rebuild the normal connectivity that supports optimal brain functioning.

Treating Dementia and Brain Injury with Low Level Infrared Light

Quietmind Foundation has begun clinical trials with the Vielight Neuro infrared light therapy system to determine its impact on cognitive decline due to neurodegeneration in age related mental impairment. 

Has Your Brain Gotten Addicted to Pain?

Let's make sure that we are reducing our reactivity to pain by making our brain's more flexible and responsive. The QEEG and LORETA z-score biofeedback addresses the networks that engage many parts of the brain in terms of response to pain and other stimulation.

Breakthrough in Alzheimers Research - Inflammation Effects Degeneration!

This breakthrough again underscores the importance of reducing inflammation in the brain to stop the neurodegenerative process. The near infrared light therapy used at Quietmind is specifically designed to reduce inflammation while also increasing blood flow and oxygenation of the cerebral cortex.

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