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New Evidence Supporting Neurofeedback Effectiveness in Treating ADHD

** Strong New Support for Neurofeedback Treatment for ADHD **

Neurofeedback Training + near infrared light stimulation for dementia - Progress Notes


Elmer Green on Biofeedback and Alzheimer's

Elmer Green PhD was one of the earliest pioneers of biofeedback and helped bring neurophysiology into existence as a field of modern neuroscience. This segment tells some of his story and ends with the poignant piece about his views on understanding dementia as he shares his experience of caring for his wife Alyce. 

Freespira Breathing Program for Treating Panic and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Quietmind Foundation is now offering a one-month program for treating Panic Disorder and related symptoms using the Freespira Breathing Biofeedback System.

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